Tuesday, June 27, 2006

OGC Technical Committee Meeting - Edinburgh

I'm sitting here in Edinburgh at the OGC TC meeting. Its day two and I've caught up on my email :-) Day 1 went quite well, we started off by proposing to create a security WG to separate securing your data on the web from digital rights management. With any luck this will lead to fewer flame wars on GeoWanking when people produce open source products which allow you to secure your WMS. I might have upset Graham Vowles from Ordnance Survey by alluding to OS being seen as the spawn of the devil.

There was a brief discussion about the future of SLD with respect to what OWS 4 was up to. This seemed to boil down to SLD is dead long live Symbology Encoding. The only change is to remove UserLayers from SLD and move the binding of a style to a data layer to an annex to WMS, WFS, WCS etc.

On day 2 I'm now sitting in GeoDRM (we're discussing the future of GeoDRM) the debate seems to still be how should we do this, are proxies the way to go or do we need to build directly into the services, which language should we use and how do we integrate geo in to DRM.

I'll post later with some thoughts on the crisis management session and tomorrow's grid workshop.

Friday, June 02, 2006

What am I doing?

I seem to have sent out a lot of email this week with links into my online bibliography so I thought I'd share my author and tag cloud here. This should give people a better idea of what I'm currently researching for my day job. You'll see that I'm doing a lot of reading on collaboration, geocoding, geographic name disambiguation and visualisation.

Most of this week has been taken up with writing a paper for the ACM GIS meeting in November, we've been experimenting with writely as a collaborative tool, but most of my co-authors prefer to use word :-(

Next week looks like a coding week :-) with the need to reintegrate StyledMapPane in to the GeoTools trunk/2.2.rc1 code base so that we can use it in GeoVISTA STUDIO and some problems with STUDIO to be fixed too.