Friday, June 02, 2006

What am I doing?

I seem to have sent out a lot of email this week with links into my online bibliography so I thought I'd share my author and tag cloud here. This should give people a better idea of what I'm currently researching for my day job. You'll see that I'm doing a lot of reading on collaboration, geocoding, geographic name disambiguation and visualisation.

Most of this week has been taken up with writing a paper for the ACM GIS meeting in November, we've been experimenting with writely as a collaborative tool, but most of my co-authors prefer to use word :-(

Next week looks like a coding week :-) with the need to reintegrate StyledMapPane in to the GeoTools trunk/2.2.rc1 code base so that we can use it in GeoVISTA STUDIO and some problems with STUDIO to be fixed too.


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